This is a run that I have wanted to do for a while. Mahogany can be approached from numerous directions. The easiest seems to be from the Timpanooneke area. This requires a lot of driving over dirt roads and a long drive time.  The most direct way requires hiking up an extremely steep trail for approximately 3 mi. The trail gets a bit light near the top. This route is very popular during winter because of the amount of sun it gets, but spikes are required. I was surprised by the steepness of the front trail. The trail isn’t technical at all, but is unrelenting. Once the top has been reached the terrain becomes a bit more rolling and the difficulty is reduced quite a bit. Me and my running partner after reaching the summit of Mahogany decided that we would like to try to cut off part of the loop and bushwhack back to the trail. This wasn’t the best decision. Back tracking to the main loop trail would have a better decision and faster. The trail leads back to the access road from Timpanooneke. The road provides a very runnable surface to the Grove Creek trail. It can be made into a loop back to the start by a mostly flat gravel road back to the start.